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Integrity. Loyalty. Honesty.

Terry Ellison for Wyoming House District 17



A faith-filled and faithful Republican, Terry Ellison is ready to serve the community of House District 17. Serving is at the root of who Terry is and how he lives his life. He’s not a politician and really has no desire to be so; rather he wants to serve the people. He is a man who has service in his heart and is ready to be the change needed in our Wyoming House of Representatives!

Service started for him at a young age when he joined the Navy and served an exciting four-year career as a journalist and a marine wireman. He later married his wife Lucretie (Lou) and together, raised a family of three children and now have 2 grandchildren. God and his family have been the cornerstone of his life and brought great joy to him.

Terry has always been a blue-collar man who believes in hard work, loyalty, honor and integrity. For 30 years he built a successful career in the coal industry in Lovell and Rock Springs and is thankful for his experience and career.

As a man who is rooted in service, Terry was a Wyoming Certified EMT and firefighter for 22 years in Rock Springs and he currently serves as a deacon in his church.

Like many of us, he has been saddened and frustrated with the current representation. He firmly believes in the Wyoming platform and if elected, he will stand behind those ideals and values the same way he demonstrated loyalty to his family, career and community his whole life.


Vote for Terry Ellison for HD 17 to get loyalty, honor and integrity into the Wyoming House of Representatives!

"Liberty, once lost, is lost forever."

-John Adams

"Life is never easy. There is work to be done and obligations to be met--obligations to truth, to justice, and to liberty." 

-John F. Kennedy

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